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Author Catherine Cowles brings you a FREE best friend's brother romance novella!


I’ve only ever had one secret: I’ve been in love with my best friend’s brother for as long as I can remember.

West Castille is everything my little-girl heart dreamed of and everything I still yearn for, even now. There is just one problem. He’s never felt the same.

West moved on to the military and then into private security, using his finely honed protective streak to keep everyone but me safe, while I lost myself in my music and a coffee-shop job in our small town.

But when creepy messages on my social media turn to threatening notes left at my door, West is the one who shows up on my porch.


I tell myself it’s brotherly concern or a favor for his sister, but that all feels like a lie when his skin brushes mine. One stolen kiss could send us hurtling into disaster. Because when my stalker sees the way we touch, he’ll do anything to end us both…

Visions of You is a short story in the Lost & Found Series.


Download the eBook or the audio, narrated by Jason Clarke & Erin Mallon.

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